Hello, Gale Tolan here, your Life Expansion Coach!
I work with successful women who, despite their success,
are often stuck in fear and emotional overwhelm.
They are longing for something more. They have heard
the same voice I heard along my journey.

For me, the journey has been about returning to love.
I have found my way back into successful heart-centered living
by evolving into my best self. My passion is to help
you get free and be your best self.

Are you ready to get free and get happy?

I started out in life feeling very confused with not much of a plan or vision -
just knowing inside there was more than I was being told. Sure enough, my “carpet bag”
full of stories, beliefs and fairytale promises got me only more confused.
I was filled with anxiety, overwhelm and thoughts like, “What’s wrong with me?”

Do you hear the still, small voice inside?
Do you know there’s more than what you were told
would lead you to happiness?

I discovered all I needed and all I longed for was right inside me –
waiting for me to go within and ask for it to be revealed.
As I listened, I knew exactly what to do. For once,
I had a vision for my life.

Perhaps you are on the same path to discovering the truth of you.
But you don’t yet understand how much power you have within.

Here’s what I know:
When you GET FREE you GET HAPPY!

Two things stop you . . . 
your Thoughts and your Feelings.

Are you constantly listening to the voice in your head
instead of the still, small voice in your heart?
Do you hear yourself saying things like this?

“I’m so tired of feeling this way.”

If only people would change and stop
blah, blah, blah…”

“I just can’t keep up with all of this.
It’s just too much.”

I love working with these common challenges we all have. Are you . . . 

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Stuck in a job you are really good at but you don’t love it

Dealing with recurring health issues that just won’t go away

Having challenges achieving the level of prosperity you know is possible

  Then chances are my coaching / mentoring will be a good fit for you.

As we create a vision for your life, you will discover who you are.
and love the YOU you already are. I’ll be there every step of the way
as you get free, expand your life and create the happiness you long for.

If you are ready to get free, get happy
and be your best self, Contact Gale
for a
Life Expansion Session

Look forward to connecting with you!