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One thought on “Awakening Women

  1. Amy Dawn Harris Shirley

    I had the pleasure of attending the Awakening Women Winter Workshop in January at NAmestoy Farms in Georgia. My body, mind, and spirit have been waking up to its fullest within the last 2 years, a little confused, thanks to what I had been told, or not told growing up in this closed minded world. My experience with Gale, Dawn and the other women who attended, is this colorful array of warm light that nourished my starving soul. Knowing and meeting other beautiful promising women who live to love, live to learn, live to teach, live as light…has brought me closer to myself, my higher self. I CAN live as happy and free as I wish, doing what I am called to do for my life work as a healer. I am excited about the Awakening Women Workshops, Gale and Dawn’s playful way of teaching is comfortable and healing, knowledgeable We deserve to live this beautiful. We deserve to know our truth. Thank you for the invite ladies! ~Amy Harris Shirley

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