Meet Gale



 Hello! It’s great to “meet” you! I am delighted you stopped by.

I believe we all came here to be our best selves and to share our true essence with others. I believe when we do that, we begin to know peace within and are able to make a difference in our lives, in the lives of others, and in the world. When I am my best self I feel good and feeling good attracts more good. 

I call this Happy.

I have discovered happy is not a place at which you arrive and there you are! Instead, feeling good and true happiness comes through the practice of daily self-awareness that nurtures and supports feeling good. It’s MY choice to choose happy and create the opportunity to vibrate at joy or even ecstasy at times. There are days when I need to choose to feel something that may not feel so good, perhaps a dear one has passed on and I WANT to feel the loss and grief. There are days when I feel like I left Switzerland and went over into a warring country! Not such a good feeling, right? But I get to choose what I want to experience. It is my heart’s desire to master being my best and to move into the greatness we are here to achieve. You, being your authentic self, expressing fully in the moment with the fullness of your being. I believe we all have that opportunity right here, right now!

 As a Life Expansion Coach, mentor, intuitive and spiritual guide it is my mission to help women Get Free of old habits, Expand their lives and Get their Happy back. I do this through individual coaching, mentoring, retreats and women’s workshops. Up until now, I never dreamed this would be the life I would have. Now I am the conscious creator of the life of my dreams. My job is truly my joy of being, aligned with my heart and soul purpose, I have great relationships with my partner, family and friends, financial freedom, and radiant health. Would you like to have the same?

I was raised in two locations, coastal North Carolina and Key West, Florida. That experience has made me very adaptable and a lover of diversity. Coming of age in the 70’s, I decided I could learn more being a student of life than I could from the several universities I attended.
During my 28 years in management and project development in the food service industry, I became a keen observer of people and their many patterns of habit energy. Of all the degrees and certifications I have this is my most treasured degree! This life learning allows me to meet my clients as they are, where they are, right now. It brings me joy helping them to see how they can expand into their best selves as I continue to practice that daily. During another career in sales and account management in the spa industry I came to truly understand the hearts of women and to see that as women, we naturally want to support, nurture and make people feel better. But how can we do that when our hearts have been so hurt by the conditions of the world? I love people and I love seeing them smiling, meeting life’s challenges from a position of knowing we can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we respond to those circumstances and create the best possible experience in each moment.

In the journey back to my authentic self I have gathered my diverse interests and experiences and now bring those to serve my clients. Applying some of my interests such as: life visioning, natural health, purposeful career, spirituality, birthing ideas into form, feminine essence, leadership skills, mastery of my health, emotions and thoughts, and creating rewarding relationships

  Those who know me best and have experienced my coaching have described me as:

  • Big-picture, holistic visionary thinker who quickly zones in on the details
  • Able to see both sides of the coin and expertly merges their Oneness
  • Spiritual warrior who leads with her heart and lets her head follow
  • Nature lover, hiker, woodland elf disguised as a human being
  • Sees the gift in every opportunity and mirrors that truth for others
  • Never loses her sense of humor and uses it effectively
  • Mother of Jordan and Carrie B. – my dog son and cat daughter
  • Committed to self-actualizing, evolving her highest potential, inspires and encourages others to do the same
  • Keenly intuitive and able to connect at a deep level